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Employment Resources

If you are looking for a job, new career or some additional training opportunities, then you have come to the right place.   Please click on the links below to review  job boards for an opportunity waiting just for you.  

Once you enter a particular job board, be sure to list the job type (construction, medical, customer service, etc... ) and select the city in which you desire to work ex. Atlanta, Jonesboro, McDonough, Marietta, etc. then click on the search button to find that perfect job awaiting you!

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GA Department of Labor Career Center

Great News!  GA Department of Labor Career Centers have many opportunities for  you to enhance your current employment status. Opportunities are avaialble and updated daily.  

Use the links below to locate the closest Career Center nearest you, to locate Current Carrer Fairs/Events in your city and to locate special work training and work readiness programs.  Special programs are also offered for individuals who are Disabled and/or recieve certain SSI benefits. 

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