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Peer Support Center











Consumer's wishing to enroll in the peer center activities should complete an online referral form(found on our Contact Us page) or call the Peer Center at

(678) 901-9772 to register by phone


Service will coincide with our ACT (Assertive Community Treatment) program.

The peer support center services are provided along with therapeutic counseling services our goals are wellness and recovery.

The Peer Support Service program is designed for adults 18 years or older with mental health issues who would like to work on areas such as socialization, wellness & recovery activities, development of natural supports, and/or the development of community living skills.

The activities at the Peer Center are designed to foster and promote self directed recovery by helping each consumers explore the possibility of self directed recovery by tapping into personal strengths that will allow him/her to manage there own health and wellness activities.

Activities at the Peer Center help to facilitate and promote consumers receiving assistance with life area such as networking to find:


Residential Placement/Housing Resource

Exploring educational opportunities

Skill development such as computer training & resume development

Exercise & Fitness activities

Developing a strong positive social network to support their personal relapse prevention plan.

The Peer Center is run and operated by a Certified Peer Specialist/MHP Monday-Friday

(Note: special events and activities may occur during evening hours).

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