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Legion for Hope Programs

Our people are among the most professional in their field. It would be our pleasure to put our extensive experience to work for you.

Gwinnett County Detention

Re-Entry Program

Substance Abuse and Mental Health

Assertive Community Treatment

Adult CORE

Career Counseling

Acedemic Counseling

Community Support/Resource

Thinking for a Change

Tranquility Health Incorporated Providing

Mental Health and Behavioral Health Services:

Intensive Family Intervention


GED Referral Tutoring

Thinking for a Change (Groups)

Beautiful Me (Intense Mentor and Counseling Program)

Servicing youths and adults at risk in the community.

1- Anger Management 2- Depression

3-Low self esteem 4- Peer Pressure

5-Alcohol and Substance Abuse

6-Health and Wellness

7-Knowing and Setting Boundaries 8-Breaking unhealthy patterns in life 9-Strong Mothers=Strong Sons and Daughters

10-Strong Fathers=Strong Sons and Daughters

11-Girl Power=Leaders

12-Pillars Manhood= Leaders

13-Violence, Gangs and Inner City risk

14-STD’s, Safe Sex and Practicing Abstinence

15--Breaking unhealthy patterns in life

Beautiful Me

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